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【協働ロボット】Franka Production 3



ドキュメント名 【協働ロボット】Franka Production 3
ドキュメント種別 製品カタログ
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“液晶搭載の効率化“ 5.7型液晶ユニット


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FRANKA PRODUCTION 3 Think it, Make it. Human arm-like Intuitively Quick time dexterity easy to profit Copyright © Franka Emika Februray 2019

NEXT GENERATION ROBOTICS AUTOMATION FOR EVERYONE At Franka Emika we use our deep-tech competence to create novel robotics platform technologies with superior performance and universal accessibility, revolutionizing industrial automation. Our founders had a vision to make robotics no longer exclusive to the few but available on a large scale and accessible to everyone. Key to this endeavor required equipping robots with human-like force sensitivity in combination with intuitive usage. Our passionate team has decades of collective experience innovating world-leading robotics technologies, and since 2017 we have delivered thousands Franka Emika Robots to the global market. In that time, our AI-enabled robot quickly became the reference robotics platform for research, establishing itself in most renowned Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence institutes and enterprises, as well as in health care and education. During this establishing period, a broad spectrum of industry users also gained access to the same empowering technology. These industrial users – ranging from highly-skilled robotics experts to process-skilled factory workers, from small businesses to global enterprises – realized the benefits of Franka Emika’s novel easy-to-use, flexible, cost-efficient and scalable approach. With such strong background we proudly launch Franka Production 3, the sensitive and industrially certified robot system for everyone. Designed, developed and manufactured in Germany using mechanical and engineering competence combined with innovative software and platform expertise, the Franka Production 3 is ready to ignite productivity for anyone and everyone who needs industrial robotics automation across the globe. Copyright © Franka Emika Februray 2019

EASILY TURN YOUR PROCESS EXPERTISE INTO ROBOTICS AUTOMATION Franka Emika´s technology and industry: a perfect match! While most-known competitors still offer positioning machines designed for classical industrial markets, Franka Emika addresses the modern challenges of industry with a new generation, purposely best-fit machine: Franka Production 3. Introducing force sensitive and flexible automation into manufacturing processes Manufacturing electronics products involves manipulation of core components such as circuit boards, or end-of-line testing of fragile elements like touch- screens. These are so delicate and likely to break that their handling can hardly be automated by classic pure positioning robots. Crucially, efficient and scalable automation of such tasks further requires the flexibility of quickly adapting a given program to any variant workpiece, which is a recurrent case in the electro- nics market. There, a family of products comes into slightly different size versions, or versions of a certain product evolve in matter of months. With our App Workflow-based programming paradigm, not only do workers not require any prior-specific knowledge about programming to commission and operate the robot, but the modularity introduced by the Apps in an App Work- flow, and the possibility to easily and quickly change context-relevant parameters enable them to adapt and re-use tasks, over and over. This means very low entry barriers and incredibly fast time to production whether for a first use or a re-use of the robot. Sensing and interpreting contact forces, the added value Every millimeter of uncertainty costs money, with previous-generations robots getting to frequent stalls, damaging the workpiece, or even not capable of auto- mating a great number of tasks. Inspired by human capabilities and enabled by Think it, Make it an advanced sense of touch, our control algorithms can deal with tolerances dedicated to the new generation and misalignments just like a human can. By combining tactile sensing and of industry players application of forces, the robot “navigates” the variations in the worksurface: wiggling gently and precisely to identify the edges of a compartment first, and then delicately pushing in the component, adjusting the movement based on the contact feedback it receives. The ability to detect and interpret contacts through human-like dexterity is key. Without this kind of sensitivity to contacts, even simple tasks like insertion and palletizing still involve huge and inefficient automation investments, or even fully rely on manual labor! Welcome to Franka Emika´s world! Copyright © Franka Emika Februray 2019

FRANKA PRODUCTION 3 The industrial robotic platform. In pursuit of high-performance and accessibility, and in light of the requirements of most modern and rapidly changing production environments, we have combined human-centered design with Payload trustworthy German engineering and deep software competence, 3 kg giving rise to a masterpiece of technology and user experience. • Agile thanks to its 7 axes, with pose repeatability of +/- 0.1mm and negligible path deviation even at high velocities. • Within its workspace, it can reach and operate far-off (855 mm) as well as very close to its own base, and the geometry of the 7 axes allows for complex poses to reach difficult spaces. • Ultra-sensitive to contact forces thanks to link-side torque sensors in all 7 axes. Degrees of freedom • Fast reaction to contacts and fine tuning of forces thanks to 1kHz 7 control. • The Arm (18 kg) and the Control (7 kg) can be installed in less than 5 minutes. • The system can be powered up by general-purpose power outlets. • Intuitive App Workflow-based programming. From our highly tuned, high volume series production in Bavaria, Franka Production 3 reaches users worldwide, serving industry Torque sensors sectors with cost-efficient applications that can be deployed within in all axes minutes. Max. reach 855 mm Workspace efficiency 94.5 % Safety functions complies to ISO 10218 and 13849 Copyright © Franka Emika Februray 2019

DESIGNED TO BE INTUITIVELY EASY Straightforward setup and operation Convenient to lift and transport, Franka Production 3 has Intuitive usage straightforward one-box delivery concept. The Arm and the Control can be installed in less than 5 minutes. The system and interaction can be powered up by general-purpose power outlets, and it is plug-and-use: only one cable is needed to connect the Arm and its 19’’ Control. No dedicated operator device is required: any computer, laptop or tablet can be connected to the robot and run the user friendly web-based interface. Having a web-based interface also means there is no need to download a bunch of additional and bulky software. Plug-and-Use from delivery to first usage in under 30 minutes Powerfully intuitive interfaces turn everyone into robot experts We combine our groundbreaking technology with unprecedented usability. With Desk – a visual, workflow-based programming interface – no prior knowledge of programming is necessary to turn process expertise into robotic automation. Apps represent modular building blocks of processes such as grasping, plugging, insertion and screwing which can be arranged quickly to create App Workflows that tell the robot what to do to realize an entire A. Get the Apps you need, your pre-programmed production process. Apps can be easily parametrized by entering building blocks. commands conveniently and intuitively with the Pilot interface on the robot arm, and robot poses are taught by means of smooth B. Arrange the Apps into a sequence to recreate the hand-guiding. Such a modular paradigm enables workers to ad- intended App Workflow. apt and reuse robot tasks to varying workpieces over multiple robots, whereas the usable programming approach means that no programming expertise is required, resulting in low training and consulting costs. Apps, your building blocks easiest, most efficient workflow-based programming Franka App Store easy access to Apps Effortless, smooth hand-guiding and interaction Adjustable guiding modes compensate gravity and friction to reduce the perceived weight up to a factor of 60, ensuring smooth and elegant interaction between human and machine. C. Teach the robot by manual guidance and parameterize And the Pilot interface is conveniently at hand on the robot arm, each App via dialog-based interaction. allowing for remote control of the user interface. Copyright © Franka Emika Februray 2019

HUMAN ARM-LIKE DEXTERITY Sensitive manipulation and force-enabled applications Everyday life offers a plethora of instances where humans use the sense Compliant behavior of touch to successfully explore surfaces and manipulate objects. precisely and reliably adapts to work It is mainly thanks to the sense of touch that we can quickly zip up our jackets in the morning, mindlessly interlocking the two teeny-tiny surfaces and environments elements of our zip. A few minutes later, it is again thanks to the sense of touch that we insert our key to start our car – without having to look at the keyhole – as we frantically dash to the office. All day, every day, Adaptive assembly we humans do these complex dexterous things without even thinking engineered with human-like skillset about it. Likewise, a robot that is able to measure contact forces at the interface Robust processes between the object and its end effector – is empowered to recognize handle inconsistencies easily and use edges and shapes, and can operate accordingly. Equipped with more than a hundred sensors of various types, including in-house designed, force data for quality assurance industry-leading torque sensors in all 7 axes, our robot is unique in its ability to mimic these human-like, dexterity-based skillsets. The best of both worlds Franka Emika robots represent a breakthrough for a novel generation of robotics, and help you push the frontiers of automation by means of revolutionary, exclusive sense of touch-enabled dexterity. Will you have to sacrifice position accuracy in the name of sensitive manipulation? NO. With our technology, elegant combination of industrial-grade revolutionary sensing and industrial-grade position control can be achieved. Our robots are agile thanks to their 7 axes, with pose repeatability of +/- 0.1 mm and negligible path deviation even at high velocities. They enable precise, robust and fast execution of production processes, even in complex constrained environments, within their reach of 855 mm. Copyright © Franka Emika Februray 2019

QUICK TIME TO PROFIT & PRODUCTIVITY Workcell connectivity Robot system IO-Link IO-Link devices Franka Research 3 exclusive: 24V DIO sensors / actuators libfranka Store ROS, MATLAB & Simulink Hardware RACEcom Software Vision systems Equipment Vision sensor in-/ output FCI (1 kHz) RT Patch Robot Management Ethernet Real-time Robot Control Updates Modbus TCP Overviews OPC UA Accounts TCP/IP Inventory IO-Link service RIDE Hub ride-cli, race-com Resources FSI, FPI Community Non real-time Franka Operating System Support Ecosystem 3rd party hardware + software Fully integrated WATCHMAN FAI DESK Hand, Schmalz Cobot Pump Safety configuration, validation Programming UI Apps Turn your process expertise into Productive and cost-efficient robotic automation Franka Production 3 has a low initial invest, Whether you are new to robots or have been automating your achieved thanks to our high-volume, efficient production processes for years, with Franka Production 3 you and lean production in Germany. will experience process automation in a whole new way – fast, straightforward and intuitive like never before. Low expertise is required. With Apps and the Sto- re, existing talents can intuitively and quickly learn. The system is immediately ready for installation and commissioning in The ease of installation and operation eliminates your industrial environment. Low space requirements, uncomplicated the need for a dedicated team of robot experts, plug-and-use installation and various interfaces for peripheral devices resulting in significantly more flexibility in your make the system ready for use within a few minutes and unbeatably production and less training for your staff. easy to configure. Additionally, App Workflows allow for prompt The intuitive teach-in Pilot interface directly on the Arm and the App reconfiguration of tasks, therefore for easy and Workflow-based paradigm via pre-programmed task modules ena- quick adaptation to the demands of dynamic factories. ble flexible setup and effective scalability of entire production lines. And doors to connectivity are more open than ever before, with the A thriving network of partners online platform Franka World. This established platform provides and customers customers with centralized and remote management of their fleets of Franka Emika robots, and the possibility to access the Ecosystem Store to browse a continuously growing portfolio of accredited soft- We have established a global partner network of ware and hardware extensions. software and hardware developers, distributors and solution providers who brilliantly transfer our technology into elegant, robust and profitable robot-assisted automation solutions. Low initial invest for low barriers to entry At our customers, a broad range of users – from highly-skilled robotics experts to process-skilled factory workers – are benefiting from our outstan- Low expertise required ding technology and pioneering ease of use. for less training and more flexibility Together, we are pushing the frontiers of robotics Easily adaptable to demands and automation, and keep pursuing our dream to improve the next generations' quality of life, one ideal for rapidly changing production environments robot cell at a time. Copyright © Franka Emika Februray 2019