Hirosugi-Keiki Co., Ltd.

"We at HIROSUGI KEIKI are a comprehensive manufacturer of mechanical and electronic parts, handling spacers, terminals, washers, bushings, screws, etc.
Our wide range of products boasts a diverse lineup that matches a variety of applications,
Our multifunctional, high-quality, quick-delivery, and low-cost products are highly valued by customers in a wide range of industries.

Company Features

1: Offering a wide variety of options with over 100,000 standard parts
We realize efficient streamlining of project development and design.

2: We have one of the largest spacer lineups in Japan
We offer a wide variety of choices in materials, sizes, and shapes not available from other companies at low cost.

3: Free shipping
Free shipping on orders of 2,000 yen or more without tax.

4: Available for orders with a minimum lot of 50 pieces or more
We will minimize your inventory burden and operate efficiently.

5: High quality standard products
High quality is ensured through a rigorous ISO-level inspection system.

6: Speedy delivery
We maintain an extensive in-house inventory of all products, and orders placed before 3:00 p.m. are shipped the same day from stock at the earliest.

7: Affordable pricing
Our outsourcing pricing keeps equipment costs low,
This is very effective for mass production as a general-purpose component.

8: Available to issue various certificates
Our dedicated staff supports the issuance of material certificates, RoHS certificates, specifications, etc.

9: Active support for manufacturing custom products
We provide products tailored to customer needs.
Please feel free to request a quotation for sizes and shapes that are not handled in our standard products.

10: Providing consistent and professional service to our customers
Our dedicated sales representatives provide prompt support from inventory confirmation to delivery."

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