Azumaneji Co., Ltd.

Azumaneji Co., Ltd.

We produce and distribute metal parts. Especially for fasteners, we deal with many kinds not only standardized products but also unique ones.

Azumaneji Co., Ltd. was founded in 1956 as Azuma Rashi Seisakusho (Azuma Screw Works) and has been engaged in an important role, fastening, through handling screws which are bases for various industries.

Our mission is to become a truly needed company by society through screws and fastening. We will accomplish the mission by contributing to the development of industry and coexisting with the environment.

We have acquired ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

Corporate Profile

Company Name Azumaneji Co., Ltd.
Location Zip code 130-0011
2-10-1 Ishiwara Sumida Ku Tokyo To
Capital 12,500,000 JPY
Establishment Apr., 1970
Business Description Producing metal parts / Selling fasteners / Selling original unique fasteners / Producing and Selling other articles / Testing of fastening characteristics
WEB site
Business Category Other non-ferrous metal products manufacturing industry
Construction and architectural metal products manufacturing industry
Other metal products manufacturing
Wholesale trade

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